When Father Joe's Villages approached us to help with a print campaign, we decided to spend some time with the non-profit. A lot of time. We volunteered side-by-side with their employees and their clients and we learned something, something real inspiring. We noticed that these people were cut from a different cloth, that they saw something in people that other's didn't. They saw potential, and they helped others achieve that potential. 

So, for this campaign I teamed up with Bobby Do-Right and we decided to turn the camera around. To focus not on the problem, but the solution. This campaign was all about the people that help the homeless, and not the homeless themselves, like we've seen so many time before. These people are employees, volunteers, an success stories. All looking off camera, to give us a glimpse of not what they see, but how they see it. With a payoff about how your donations, help these people do what they do best – seeing an end to homelessness in San Diego.