When Save the Inventor (a brand dedicated to helping young american inventors rights within the patent system) approached us, they were looking for a trade show booth that would stand out during the SXSW Interactive week. We decided to build a fucking robot.  And man, did it stand out. 

We teamed up with The Character Shop (the man behind Pizza the Hut in Spaceballs, yussss) to create INO-V8. Built from technologies and products invented in the U.S. over the past two decades, he was a 10-foot tall tribute to the spirit of American innovation, and would only come to life, and interact with passer-by's when they reached out on to him on through their social networks, or some kind of science like that. Watch the case study below. 



ONE SHOW - Merit - Responsive Environments: Use of Technology / Integration with Social Platforms

NATIONAL ADDYS - 2 Silvers - User experience & Integrated Advertising campaign